August 13, 2019

Insiders and Supporters,

As you may know, iMackulate Vision Gaming, Inc, along with its subsidiaries and affiliates (IMV) is developing an interactive entertainment business with hopes of a dominant position in the entertainment industry. IMV’s primary focus is on innovative video game product lines with a view for aggressive expansion. IMV has followed fundamental corporate formalities, including Board of Directors, business plans, legal advisors, contracts, compliance checks, advisors, regulatory filings, and so forth.  

Based on interactions with industry veterans and entities on the business side, and Wall Street related financial relationships, our company has had a vibrant following. Despite management working feverishly towards progress, some individuals have engaged in slanderous, defamatory and tortious conduct towards IMV. Mr. Tony Bruno and his company Bruno Computer Support(from herein referred to as Defendants), who are not an Insider, nor have any business with IMV, have been at the forefront of this type of unacceptable behavior inside of public and private domains. Defendants purchased “” approximately three years ago when IMV first launched. Defendants have since offered to sell IMV the site and later published the site with disparaging and slanderous posts and imagery. Defendants have also engaged in extensive slanderous communications, including racial epitaphs and postings on multiple social media outlets and furthermore harassed members of management and their families. Defendant has constantly engaged in tortious conduct. As a result of this disturbing, reckless, and damaging behavior IMV has filed a lawsuit against Defendants in the U.S. 17th Circuit to : State of Florida, 17th Judicial Circuit, Circuit Court Civil Division, Broward County, Florida seeking redress for such losses, including injunctive relief, as well as damages and punitive damages.   It is our hope to address this issue directly with this law suit/complaint and discourage this damaging behavior from any other parties moving forward.

IMV has obtained representations and advice from a variety of seasoned experienced firms such as firms experienced in areas of intellectual property, corporate and international law, accounting and public relations and including consulting firms in Washington, D.C., which have experience having done work for and representation in the areas of the consumer electronics industry. We have engaged several law firms for assistance with legal compliance, and other matters. IMV has established business and or business contractual relationships with multiple companies.

Our company has established various relationships with industry veterans with experience working on AAA quality simulation football titles and established development studios to create our flagship product including major international studios. IMV’s Board’s decision to create a AAA simulation football title over an indie title stems directly from the high level talks that we had with these various parties. Following this decision, we had to change its targeted fundraising goal. All in all, this decision was made not only for the betterment of our flagship product but for the marketplace as a whole. Furthermore, we look to achieve one our company’s objectives of restoring competition in the sector of simulation football with our flagship product.

Alex Lewis, CEO

IMV has engaged in high-level discussions with multiple intercollegiate athletic licensing agencies, top-ranked private high schools, and one collegiate athletic association about securing licensing for its flagship product Gridiron Champions.  IMV has established relationships with potential in-game sponsors and the representation of some of the largest voices in college football as potential in-game announcers for it’s flagship product.

“We are a development stage young company subject to risks, and have a need for capital to achieve our goals, like many tech startups. It’s very important that everyone understands that raising capital take time. However, our company has established relationships with the right parties to assist us during this process and we will continue to do everything necessary to have a successful fund raise.”

Alex Lewis, CEO

IMV has established a comprehensive Business Plan, a comprehensive capital raise Private Placement Memorandum, a business presentation Pitch Deck, and numerous other business contracts, materials, documents and items.

IMV has made numerous presentations and pitched various prospective investors, including presentations in NYC to Wall Street level brokerage firms and investors.

 IMV has entered into an agreement providing a minority Equity Interest to an independent sports related company. IMV is actively reviewing more opportunities to possibly become publicly traded, which may potentially open doors for higher valuation and allow for the use of stock to compensate others, and further facilitate future capital raising.

It is managements hope that you can clearly see, IMV is doing everything within its power to achieve it’s goals and produce its flagship product. However, everything that our team has and is currently working to accomplish is being affected by the slanderous, defamatory and tortious conduct of the Defendant and others. So, we are looking to eradicate this behavior immediately so that our company can move ahead and achieve all of its objectives and goals.


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