Q: Why is the community so important to you?

A: The community is very important to us because our founders are members of the community.  They grew up playing the college football franchise and have a deep understanding of the importance of community ideas and interaction. We would like to establish a very close relationship with our community and update our community every step of the way, from the Insider Program to the launch of the game we want you to feel like the community is apart of the development process.

Q: When will Gridiron Champions be released? Why 2020?

A:  We will not be able to provide the community with an accurate timeline until we have reached out funding goal and began full-time development of Gridiron Champions. With that being said, it is our goal to reach our funding goal in 2018 so that we can begin full-time development as soon as possible. We chose the year 2020 as a tentative release year because it gives us the opportunity to take the proper time raise the funding needed to begin full-time development this year and spend 2018 creating a title that the community can enjoy and be proud of.  

Q: Will this Gridiron Champions include licensed college football teams?

A: Unfortunately, our first game will not feature licensed college football teams. We intend to offer 126+ generic teams in Gridiron Champions and users will be able to create their own college football experience through in-game customization.

Q: How can you consider this a college football game with generic (teams, stadiums, etc)?

A: We believe that College Football is bigger than just the licensing. We intend to feature 126+ generic teams, bands, a playoff system, bowl games & other important features that we feel will make the game a very authentic college football experience. Not to mention the ability for users to be creative as described above.  

Q: How in-depth will the in-game customization be in Gridiron Champions?

A:  Our founders believe that customization is key. Ideally, users will be able to create/edit rosters, conferences, and teams (including uniforms and stadiums). We are looking forward to the development process following receiving funding to showcase exactly how in-depth customization will be in our first title. 

Q: How will your company avoid being sued or going to court? 

A:  To avoid any litigation, we do not intend to use anything in our title without the owners consent. (Including but not limited to: likenesses, name, height, weight, race, hometowns, logos, stadiums, stadiums, and music.) 

Q: Will the graphics be Next Generation?

A: Yes, we are looking to bring the college football experienced to the next generation platform.

Q: What system will the title be projected for?

A: Currently, we are projecting to have our title on Xbox One, PC and PS4.  During the development process, if newer generation systems come out we will innovate and do our due diligence to have our titles on those systems. So, for now our focus is Xbox One, PC and PS4.
Q: What other games have you developed?

A: Gridiron Champions is our first game but we have recently agreed to terms with an established development company that we intend to work with once we have reached our funding goal. This company has developed many games including a long list of sports titles and we have extreme confidence in their portfolio and development staff.  

Q: Are you actively looking for companies to partner/sponsor with to help with the development process?
A: Yes, we have met with a many companies and discussed potential partnerships. If we have any sponsorships or partnerships we will be sure to announce that to the public.

Q: Have you talked to investors/venture capitalist? Why would you come to the community to help fund the game?

A: Yes, we have talked to investors and venture capitalist. That is the reason that we decided to take the crowdfunding approach.  The basis of our pitch to them was that the community wanted College Football video games to return to the market.  They challenged us to validate our hypothesis before deciding whether or wether not they would invest. Thus, we concluded that crowdfunding was a great idea to not only validate our hypothesis but also to potentially help our company raise the funding needed to begin full-time development. 

Q: Is this game an exact copy of older college football video games?

A: No, the vision that we have for our title is very innovative and fresh.  We would like to remaster classic game modes and bring the core college gaming experience but this title will be far from an exact copy of former college football video game titles.  

Q: Are licenses available for you to obtain? 

A: Yes, the NCAA has stated that it is open to working with other gaming companies in the future. We saw that reflected last year when NBA2K was able to secure licenses to a few top universities. 

Q: What makes your company different from larger corporations?

A: We believe that what makes us different from larger corporations is the combination of our  passion, interaction with the community and our singular focus for this project.  We do intend to do nothing less than exceed everyones expectations for us with this title.  This title is essentially our baby and we will treat it as such.  Our companies sole focus and dedication will be to make the best college football video game possible. 

Q: What game modes will be in your title?

A: We are looking to remaster all of the classic game modes in our own new innovative way.   Some of the names include: Gridiron Icon Mode and Gridiron Dynasty. We have many more that we will release at a later date. 

Q: Will you be able to import you custom rosters into Gridiron Icon / Dynasty Mode?

A: Yes

Q: What engine will the game run on?


Q: Who will be the broadcasters on your title's commentary?

A: We have a few commentators in mind that ideally we would like to work with but currently we are focused on getting the game funded and developed first. On social media, well known commentators seem to be very interested in the possibly working with a new company but they would like more information. The further we get in the development process,  the information we will have to provide them with moving forward and hopefully a partnership can be formed.

Q: Will your title include apparel from large companies like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour ? 

A: To include those brands in our title, we would have to secure licensing with those companies. Currently our focus is on getting the game funded and developing quality gameplay, graphics and mechanics. 

Q: Will your game have ESPN or other large networks within its presentation?

A: To include their presentation in our title, we would have to secure licensing with those networks. Currently our focus is on getting the game funded and developing quality gameplay, graphics and mechanics. 

Q: Will there be an ultimate team?

A: We do like the idea of adding an "Ultimate Team"  like mode to our game but  this is not our priority. Our priority is developing quality gameplay, graphics and mechanics. 

Q: What is Pre-Development?

A: Pre-Develppment is the early stages of a project requiring effective planning to dictate the long-term success of the project. In this case, our team has dedicated countless hours going through legal documents, license estimates, feasibility checklists,  and meeting with potential partners and developers during this pre-development phase. Our team has dedicated their own personal budgets to get businesses licenses, trademarks, and begin the development of our first stadium and other assets that will be announced at a later date before even raising the initial capital needed to fund the game's development process. There is a large amount of sacrifice that has taken place before our team decided to ask the community or investors for a single dollar.