We are proud to announce that Big Ant Studios has agreed to co-develop and publish Gridiron Champions.  They have informed us that the total cost of development will be $5 Million Dollars.  They are willing to to fund 50% of the development cost and we can begin production as soon as we have raised out half of the development cost ($2.5 Million Dollars).


Ideally, we would like to release Gridiron Champions in 2019 but everything is dependent upon when we are able to reach our funding goal. The sooner we reach our funding goal, the sooner we will be able to begin the production of Gridiron Champions with Big Ant Studios. 


Gridiron Champions will be available on Xbox One, Playstaion 4, and PC.



There is a common misconception in the community that Gridiron Champions will not be a “real” college football video game because our first edition will not be fully licensed.  The first edition of Gridiron Champions may not be an “NCAA Licensed” college football video game but it will be a college football video game nonetheless.  The game will feature 126+ generic colleges & universities.  As we outlined in the next section, the community will be able to completely customize their user experience. This customization includes: uniforms, stadiums, players, rosters, conferences, etc.  We have a extremely detailed plan of how to make the first edition of Gridiron Champions as true to the college experience that you witness on saturday within the constraints our generic model.  With that in mind, the goal has always been and always will be to produce a fully licensed product BUTthere is a PROCESS at play.  

We do plan to pursue licensing in future editions of Gridiron Champions!  We have spoken with the Collegiate Licensing Company and Learfiled Licensing Company who serve as agents for the licenses to over 600 Universities.  They have both approved our generic roster plans. Also, they  informed us that in order to obtain licensing in the future that we need to prove that Gridiron Champions can be profitable and will protect the legal best inerest of any college/university that decides to become involved with the project.



Gridiron Champions will set itself apart in the realm of creativity. We want our users to be as creative as possible with our generic model.  We intend to allow users to customize the our generic rosters, teams, stadiums, and conferences. 

We believe that Big Ant Studios is the perfect development partner in regards to customization.  We want to give users the ultimate customization tools that offer the opportunity to upload logos and change colors to their liking. We feel that this will allow users the ability to be in complete creative control of their virtual college football experience in Gridiron Champions.