The mission of iMackulate Vision Gaming is to utilize its global platform of producing high-quality gaming products and content to inspire and positively impact as many individuals around the world.


The vision of iMackulate Vision Gaming is to become a Global industry leader in the realm of interactive entertainment content through a strong commitment to innovation, organic connection to the target market and the constant pursuit of greatness.


Core Values

Keeping in line with the Mission of the Company, iMackulate Vision Gaming values integrity, transparency and excellence in all aspects of business. These values have allowed the Company to build trust and brand equity with consumers and shareholders, creating a foundation for the successful future of the Company.





Chief Executive Officer

Alex Lewis, age 25, serves the company as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board.  Alex has a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Communications from Troy University, Troy, Alabama, 2015.  While obtaining his degree, Alex worked diligently with the athletic department of the University on a variety of marketing and communication matters, including graphic design programming projects.  From 2016 to 2017, Alex continued in the sports athletic area in marketing and related efforts.  In 2016 he assisted the Penn State University Athletic Department in a variety of communication and informational efforts, including graphic design.  In 2017, he relocated to Texas and assisted the Texas A&M football department in a variety of recruiting and marketing matters, plus graphic design.  Apart from graphic design and other marketing efforts he has also organized marketing projects, with skills in photography, video, social media and related activities.  He has experience in other business areas including retail sales and marketing. He has been the leader of efforts to bring the Company into a major new phase towards significant funding and groundwork for software development, licensing, and more. 




Chief Gaming Officer

Kameron Lewis, age 26, is the Company Chief Gaming Officer, and has pursued a career in electrical engineering and has relocated from Alabama to Texas focusing his full time and new career efforts on advancing the Company goals.  In 2010 he was in managerial retail sales, and this continued through 2012 and in 2014 he was involved with a vendor for Wal-Mart products, 2015 with a vendor for Acosta products and then in 2016 he focused on transportation and delivery logistics. He has heavy gaming (video) experience including testing out many sports gaming products and competing in past gaming events. He is the cousin of Alex, the Company CEO.  Mr. Lewis spends countless hours on a daily basis compiling research and studying the behavior of the target market. Through his deep analysis of the market, Kameron is able to create innovative ideas and concepts that are currently missing in the market or will ultimately make the company’s products unique. He is a very motivated person, with a passion for gaming, and interest to see the Company achieve success.



Chief Business Development Officer

Lamar Louis, age 24, serves the Company as Chief Business Development Officer.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Administration, 2015 Louisiana State University.  He owns a lawn maintenance service business and has extensive sporting experience.  He was an NFL player in 2016 for the Arizona Cardinals.  He was an NFL player in 2017 for the Baltimore Ravens. He also has experience in building supplies and retail sales.  He plans to relocate to Georgia for the Company.  He's an accomplished public speaker focusing on inspirational and sports topics and he's received a variety of citizenship and community service awards.  He has been an Electronic Arts, Madden game competitor and he has played most major sports video games. 



Chief Operating Officer

Rusty Sugg, age 28, serves the company as the Chief Operating Officer.  Rusty has a Bachelor's of Business Administration focused on Marketing, 2011, from Texas A&M University, and a Masters in Marketing degree focused on marketing applications and strategies, 2012.  Since 2014, Rusty has been building a career with Sysco Foods, an international food & service distribution business, providing a variety of leadership efforts in his department, including being an analyst.  He's focused on software development and other IT efforts, sales orientation and marketing.  He's received annual awards from Sysco based on his performance in the marketing projects. He has skills beyond technology, working well with people and earning awards for achievements. His experience with a global leader may be key in the global outlook of the Company business plans.